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Want a website that works for your business?

At Green Fern Digital we specialise in helping Kiwi businesses like yours grow by leverage digital tools and the internet.
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Are you looking to get more sales in 2021, but not sure where to start? Don’t worry, Green Fern Digital is here to help, and will work with you to develop a plan to help you make the most of the power of the internet and other digital tools and technologies.

We offer a full range of design, development and ongoing support, and our focus is always about how we can help Kiwi businesses like yours increase sales, or just run more efficiently so you can spend more time at the beach.

Your Passion, Our Experience

Your business is your pride and joy, at Green Fern Digital we understand that, after all Green Fern Digital is our pride and joy. You want the very best for your business, but you also don’t want to get bogged down with technical jargon and more things to do.

Our experience, knowledge and processes mean that we can do the very best for you, while speaking your language and making things as easy for you as possible.

The Power of Digital

It’s 2021, and everything is going digital. Your customers are online, your suppliers are online and yes, your competitiors are online. But digital is about more than a website, it is about using new digital tools to streamline your business, saving you time and money as well as keeping your customers happy.

Talk to us today about how these tools can help your business, a website is just the start, a more profitable future is in store for you.

Happy Customers

We care about our customers, as craftspeople, we want to see our work used, and the only way to do that is to create websites and other tools that really help your business.

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We would love to talk to you about how we can help you business get more sales in 2021. Call us today on 09 218 6300 or email Not ready to talk just yet? Find out more about our services or look at some of the work we have done.